Deibys Artigas

Deibys Artigas – vocals (special guest)

Deibys was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived in Tinaquillo where he recorded his tracks for Incarnation I until he moved to Galicia in Spain in summer 2022. As a small band it was impossible for us to fly him in for recording, songwriting session or live shows. But thanks to the internet we were able to communicate and work on our projects even with 8000 km between us.

Deibys was chosen to record the songs on Incarnation I because he is a world class singer but even more important: his style and taste is just perfect for Preincarnation and he intuitively felt the songs songs like the band did.

Deibys is also a cool and nice guy with a lot of humor. In Spain he joined the cover band Claxxon, Deibys can also be heard on the Barnabas Sky album along with big names like Doogie White (RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN etc.), Dan Reed (DAN REED NETWORK), Roy Cathey (COLD SWEAT, THE FIFTH), Dirk Kennedy (HITTMAN), Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (DOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE), Lee Small (SWEET, LIONHEART, PHENOMENA) and metal legend Alan Tecchio (WATCHTOWER)

His Top 5 favourite albums are:

Alter Bridge – Blackbird
Avantasia – The Wicked Symohony
Winger – Karma
Edguy – Tinnitus Sanctus
Nightwish – Once

His favourite singers include:

Nathan James
Jorn Lande
Ronnie Atkins
Russell Allen
Michael Kiske
Freddy Mercury
Ronnie James Dio
Dee Snider
Robin McAuley
Kip Winger

Check out Deibys’ youtube channel to hear his take on Journey, Queen and others, or check out Claxxon live all over Spain or on their social media sites.

Deibys on other projects

Deibys live with Claxxon