Henrik Niesler

Henrik was born in Bochum and started playing the drums in 1987, He started his journey through rock music with Bryan Adams and Pink Floyd, later he discovered metal with Helloween and Metallica followed by early Dream Theater and bands like Ayreon.

Besides the drums he also plays a little guitar and likes to play thrashy metal riffs and terrible, cacophonic solos. But on good days he comes up with an idea that mutates into a Preincarnation song.

his fav drummers:

Simon Phillips
Mike Portnoy
Tommy Aldridge
Scott Rockenfield
Ingo Schwichtenberg

Top 5 albums are:

Pink Floyd – Delicate sounds of thunder
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime
Whitesnake – 1987
Yngwie Malmsteen – Marching out
Dream Theater – Images and words

and some more important albums:

Marillion – Misplaced Childhood
Dire Straits – Love over Gold
Genesis – Abacab
Alan Parsons Project – Tales of mystery and imagination
Bryan Adams – Reckless
Helloween – Keeper 1&2
Metallica – …and justice for all
Iron Maiden – live after death
Jeff Wayne – War of the worlds
Manowar – Kings of metal
Mr. Big – lean into it
Simple Minds – live in the city of light
Toto – IV
Annihilator – Set the world on fire
Ayreon – 01011001